Why water-based?
You wouldn’t spray alcohol on your face, so why spray it on your body? Suitable for skin, hair and even the most sensitive skin, there’s no harsh hit of alcohol when you spray AF: our non-drying formula reveals the true character of the fragrance faster, for a more immediate impression of the scent.
We all love a glow-up. Our formulas contain moisturizing skin-care ingredients that makes every spray hydrate your skin, go on super smooth and leave your skin glowing.
Developed using green chemistry, we’ve taken sustainably sourced by-products from the sugar cane industry (which would otherwise be discarded) to create our water-based formula that’s kind to your skin and the planet.
Mood Technology
How can a perfume boost your mood?
The place in our brain that registers scent also processes our feelings, moods and emotions, making the connection between scent and our feelings very powerful. Each fragrance in the AF collection is backed by science, containing ingredients that have scored well on emotional responses, and thereby, validating their mood-boosting properties. Responses were obtained through patent-pending neuroscience capabilities.