Body Mists Giftset

Happy AF, Hyped AF, Chill AF
3 pc
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Lightly scented mood-bossters in a bottle!
Happy AF is the scent for all-day positive vibes. This floral and fruity blend of pink lychee, red grapefruit and dewy peony hits different when paired with a smile.
Bright, zesty citrus meets clean white woods; Hyped AF is the energy you want to radiate, bottled.
Your moment of zen; Chill AF is a dreamy blend of pear blossom, chamomile tea and soothing sandalwood. Cool, calm, collected.
Chill AF + Happy AF + Hyped AF
Get all three full-size AF fragrances 
"Happy AF: Pink lychee, red grapefruit, peony, violet leaves, agave nectar, rose, iced tangelo, blonde sandalwood & crystallized musk. Hyped AF: Mandarin, blood orange, pomelo, nectarine blossom, white woods, pineapple flower & clean musk. Chill AF: Pear blossom, crisp apple, red lemongrass, chamomile tea, lily of the valley, sandalwood & milky musk."
Clean formula
Vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, non-toxic.
Mood-enhancing, light scent